Email Marketing: Dead or Alive?

We’ve all been there – staring at another salesy email from some company you’re not that bothered about, clicking the unsubscribe button before it’s even properly loaded. Each of us gets on average 121 emails a day and the most popular reason for unsubscribing is “I get too many emails in general,” so, is it still a viable marketing channel?

In a word, yes. 81% of smartphone users say email is the most popular activity they use their phone for. But, 62% of those users state that “most of the marketing emails I receive include no content or offers that are of interest to me.”

When it’s done properly, email marketing can have an ROI of 4300%* but you need to do some serious groundwork to start achieving this kind of response, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Good email marketing is a process of evolution.

There are some key things to remember as best practices for email marketing.

  • Mobiles: the majority of people will view your email on their smartphone so make sure it’s optimised.
  • Segmentation: before you do anything, you need to understand who you’re emailing and what they want. Segmenting your database will help you to be more effective.
  • Personalisation: make people feel engaged with what you are sending
  • Analysis: you need to know how your campaigns have performed so that you can improve

There is a huge amount that goes into successful email marketing and in order to be successful you need to lay the groundwork and know that it is a process. The rewards, however, can be great!

If you would like to discuss your email marketing, give a call and we will get the kettle on.

*Source: Fast Company

Posted by: Harriet

Date: 18 April 2017

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