5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Rebranding

Undertaking a rebrand of your business is something that needs pretty serious consideration. The process will take time and money and needs to be carefully thought through. We’ve put together the five questions you should ask before you start:

1) Why are we doing a rebrand?

Understanding the reasons for rebranding is crucial. A rebrand should never be about copying a competitor (although it’s good to benchmark) or just wanting a change. There needs to be a specific and clear reason for doing so.

2) What is the problem?

As a follow on to the above, deciding to rebrand is generally a solution to problem. Maybe your market is changing and you need to keep up. Maybe your customer’s needs and wants have altered and you need to make sure you’re still speaking the same language. Whatever it is, it’s important to clearly identify exactly what problem has prompted a rebrand so you can then finesse exactly what your brand needs to do.

3) What do we want to convey? To whom?

Knowing your customer is crucial, especially if you know their relationship with your brand is potentially changing. When you’re in the early stage of your rebrand (pre-design) do some in-depth market research into your target market. Find out what makes them tick, what other brands they like, what is it about those brands that is speaking to them. Clearly identifying your customer and their needs will make your rebrand much more effective.

4) What is our brand personality?

In today’s world, being authentic is a must. People now expect to see the face behind the brand, know about your story and your values and want to see a much more human side to businesses. Work out who you are. What is your business mission and values? Once you know who you are, you’ll have a much easier time telling everyone else!

5) Is the goal of this rebrand a stepping stone (evolutionary) or a milestone (revolutionary)?

Finally, think about your brand’s life. If your brand already has significant brand value with your customers you may want to consider an evolutionary approach so you don’t lose that affinity. If, however you think the brand is no longer working in the market it might be better to go for something revolutionary and really change it up.

We always recommend having a brand workshop with you to explore all of the above and get you and your team to really delve into the philosophy behind your business. It helps with our creative process too! If you’re considering a rebrand and would like to chat to us – just give us a call and we’ll put the kettle on.


Posted by: Harriet Thacker

Date: 3 July 2018

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