5 tips to easily improve your PPC campaign

Running a PPC campaign is a great way to instantly bring more targeted leads to your website. It is easy to set up a campaign and forget about it, but there are simple things that you can do to improve performance.


Review location settings

When setting up your PPC campaign, you can input a target location. But, by default this includes people who have shown interest in your target area, as well as those physically located there.

If your product is only available in certain locations, make sure you only include these areas in your location settings.


Review the search terms your ads are showing for

If you are not using exact match, your adverts will be showing for a range of search terms. By looking through and reviewing search terms, you will be able to identify any terms that are not relevant to your product.

Once you have identified irrelevant terms, add them to your negative keyword lists so that your ads will no longer show for them.


Use extensions

In addition to your standard advert text, you can add a variety of advert extensions.

The extensions offered by Google are a brilliant way of extending your advert and making it more eye-catching to searchers.

Ad extensions include:

  • App extensions – shows a link which sends people to the app store or beings download
  • Location extensions –shows searchers the nearest shop front
  • Review extensions – showcases positive, third-party reviews
  • Sitelink extensions – adds extra links to your advert to help users find other relevant areas on your site
  • Callout extensions – adds descriptive text to show your USPs

As ad extensions are free to add to your campaign, you still pay per click as you would without them.


Use automated rules

Rather than manually making changes to improve your campaign’s performance, you can set up automated rules.

You can use these rules for a range of different purposes, from increasing bids at peak times, ensuring that bids are high enough to remain in a certain position and turning special ads on or off for a promotion period.

This can make managing your campaign easier, leaving you with more time to work on the elements that can’t be automated.


Keep testing

Even if you reach a 10/10 Quality Score and your campaign is converting well, you can be testing to see if improvements can be made.

Testing ad copy, landing pages, even ad position can help you reduce cost per click and improve your return on investment.


If you need any help with your PPC campaign, give us a ring on 0115 941 1169 and we help you get on track.

Posted by: Catherine

Date: 10 April 2017

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