Brand guidelines – what do they include and does my company need them?

What are brand guidelines?

A brand guidelines document is one that details many different elements of a brand and its application. Guidelines set out rules that govern how your assets such as colour palette, tone of voice, logo and photography style are used.

In addition to including the elements that make up the brand, comprehensive guidelines will also detail how branding should be applied across a range of marketing materials. This can include traditional media like leaflets and brochures, digital assets such as website and email templates and even miscellaneous items such as vehicle livery and uniforms.

Why do you need them?

They ensure the consistency of a brand’s application.
Most companies will have many people, and possibly many agencies, involved in creating all their brand assets. By giving these stakeholders guidelines to follow, consistency will be maintained across a variety of channels.

They give clarity to employees on the company’s brand values.
A good set of brand guidelines often include a section on brand mission, values and messages. Having a clear message on what the company as a whole is trying to achieve makes it easier to get this message out. All employees will be able to understand the company’s personality, and be able to live these values, no matter which department they work in.

They create a strong platform for the organisation to develop and grow.
If a company is unified in terms of brand values and application, they seem much more trustworthy. Trust is a foundation on which you can develop your business. It is an element that allows you to build meaningful relationships with not only your customers, but also your employees. In this age where consumers have a wealth of options available, building trusting and loyal relationships is key to success.

If you need any help creating brand guidelines, get in touch and we’ll pop the kettle on.

Posted by: Catherine Appleby

Date: 20 March 2018

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