Top 5 things I took away from Fast Track Digital Marketing

At the end of April I attended an Econsultancy course over two days on Fast Track Digital Marketing. I wanted to take the course to keep up to date with new trends, to share ideas with peers and to brush up on my existing knowledge.

Andrew Thomas, who led the course, had a great discussion style, for me this worked really well as we each had chance to discuss real scenarios and think how our learning could be applied.

The top five things that really stuck with me were:

1. Just how big Google really is!

£1 in every £4 of advertising (not just digital advertising!) is spent on Google, 95% of web users use Google for search and over 70% of web traffic to sites comes through Google.

2. The rise of dark social

When we use Google Analytics to track our site performance and to look into where our traffic has come from we quite often see high direct figures. These direct figures can be very misleading as they can cover a whole host of dark social links through channels such as Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Without being able to track these channels it is difficult to tell if your efforts are reaping the rewards or not, very frustrating in the marketing world!

3. Our views are becoming narrower

Despite the abundance of information readily available to us on the internet and through apps, our views on things are becoming more and more limited due to targeted content.

The more we show an interest in a subject, a brand or a product, the more this is pushed at us through targeted content and targeted advertising.

4. It’s all about mobile

Yes, we know mobile is big news, we all have one permanently in our vicinity, but it really is BIG news!

In 2016 the digital advertising market was worth £10bn, the main reason for this growth is the rise of mobile. 68% of smartphone users check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up, 30% admit they get anxious when they don’t have their phone with them and 87% of millennials always have their smartphone with them, day and night.

5. Email marketing is most certainly not dead

The amount of time we spend on email, approximately, has not changed in the last four years. Mobile has surely had an impact on this too. Email campaigns should be compelling, mobile optimised and use the power of three: brand engagement, news story and some sort of offer for the receiver. If these rules are followed then email marketing is still very relevant.


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Posted by: Kylie Elson

Date: 5 May 2017

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