Keep calm and put the kettle on

This month is National Stress Awareness month; it’s something that many people are familiar with and it affects people in lots of different ways.


What is stress?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Stress is:

A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.


Why do people get stressed?

Some stress is good; under the right circumstances stress can motivate you to finish that report or it can sharpen your concentration in that important meeting. But after a certain point, stress stops being helpful and starts to affect your productivity, mood and even your relationships.

The latest facts and figures from the HSE report found that a whopping 526,000 of us suffer from work-related stress, depression or anxiety and 12.5m working days were lost due to work-related stress in 2016/17.

Britons have the longest working hours in Europe and about 60% of all visits to the doctors in the UK are stress related.

Stress can affect any occupation, but some of the industries with higher than average rates of stress include:

  • Human health and social work activities
  • Public administration and defence
  • Education


What can we do about it?

We all know that continuous stress is not good for your health; I am actively trying to be more relaxed about things; below are some steps that I am trying to follow:

  • Invest in yourself – have a bit of ‘me’ time
  • Don’t stress about the little things
  • Don’t try and control everything
  • Have a lunch break
  • Write a list of jobs/tasks/things that are worrying you. Tackle the one you really don’t want to do first.
  • Accept the things you can’t change
  • Accept that your inbox will always be full. Don’t expect it to be empty at the end of the day.
  • Talk about your stress

Finally, I have recently read that drinking tea is a good stress buster; ideally green tea but a big mug of builders will do!

So if you have a tricky marketing strategy you need help putting together, or you just want help with a design project, give us a call and we can talk it over with a brew.

Posted by: Kate Swarbrooke

Date: 11 April 2018

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