The importance of knowing your customer

Understanding your customer is key to any marketing and design activity. In order to deliver what your customer needs first you have to understand what they want, what they like, how they behave and what will help them solve their challenges.

Before we begin any project we make sure we get to know our customers, in order to deliver what our customers want we need to truly get under the skin of their business and what their issues and aspirations are.

Through a collaborative relationship you are able to work through ideas more easily and challenge what your customer thinks they want, to push the solution to the next level.

Design and marketing can be very subjective, but if you always create something with the customer at the heart rather than personal opinion, it is far more likely to gain engagement and interaction.

If you deliver something that really ticks your customer’s boxes in turn you will increase trust and loyalty. They will feel that you really understand them and their business and that investment will mean that future work will be easier, therefore improving the rate of return business.

When approaching a new project we ask the following questions:

  • What are we doing and who are we doing it for?
  • What effect should it have?
  • Who is the audience, what do they think of us/our product/our service?
  • What is the USP? What do our customers think the USP is?
  • Do we have any customer insights such as competition, brand alignment, previous learnings, etc.?

If you’d like our support with a workshop or a project get in touch and we’ll get the kettle on!


*Capgemini ** McKinsey

Posted by: Kylie Elson

Date: 13 April 2018

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