Planning a successful strategic workshop

A strategy workshop can be hugely beneficial to help pull a team together and define a clear direction for your business. However, if it is not planned properly the objectives can drift and you may find you end the workshop without any tangible conclusions/an agreed plan of action.

In order to make your workshop a success we suggest the following:

  1. Start by defining what objective you want to achieve from the workshop. What do you hope to come out with?
  2. Set down rules. One we like to enforce is “no parrots”. Once something has been said it doesn’t need to be repeated. Unless you have something different to say don’t repeat, it takes up time and doesn’t add value.
  3. Use a process to keep you on track. For example if you were looking at a product strategy you could use: opportunity; customers; solution and execution as sections to shape your discussions and help you to avoid going off subject.
  4. There should always be a facilitator, ideally someone from outside of the business that is completely neutral. A facilitator will ask questions to extract information and guide the workshop to keep it on track.

If you would like our support on a strategic workshop please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We always have a boardroom, hot tea and a tray of biscuits to help you create a strategic plan that will deliver.

Posted by: Kylie Elson

Date: 7 February 2018

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